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" We support people and organisations to shine because we believe that what makes them unique is an asset. "
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You are unique, and so are we!

HR marketing, public relations, digital communication? All three! And that's our strength!

Our Business :

Support, coach, advise, train, provide solutions and tools to people and organisations.

On their positioning, brand and visibility issues, according to their DNA, according to their objectives, through self marketing strategies, corporate or employer marketing, public relations, employee ambassador programs.

On digital transformation issues!

photo Aurore Sun

Aurore Sun

Associate Director of Mysunnybrand and Spark Public Relations

Why did you want to create Mysunnybrand, when you had already been managing Spark Public Relations for six years, your public relations agency that you founded in 2011? You were already making brands shine, weren't you?

With Spark Public Relations, we were already raising the profile of companies so that they could meet their audiences, particularly via the press and influencers. We wanted to tell these beautiful entrepreneurial stories; it's our desire to share them. These entrepreneurs are extraordinary people who, beyond their company, have their own history, their own uniqueness, their own personal stakes and objectives. These are the people who are at the core of their organisations.

Based on this experience, I wanted to go further to assist people in personal branding, visibility and personal brand issues. I want to help our clients shine, to support them so that they share their personal stories. Due to digital transformation, communication on social networks has amplified this need, which has become unavoidable. If many entrepreneurs know the techniques, few are comfortable with speaking on social networks in particular. What to say and why? For what purpose? What target? On what networks? What makes me different? How do we make sure it doesn't take too long?

I also realised that, for companies and organisations, digital transformation was challenging communication strategies, when taking human assets into account, the involvement of human resources, the concepts of employee ambassadors and the development of employer branding.

That's how I got the idea to create Mysunnybrand. With my partner, Katia Blanc, we share a common vision and values. We also combine our skills in public relations/communication and marketing/HR.

You are a certified Personal Branding Strategist. Why did you choose an American training programme? Isn't Personal Branding as well developed in France as it is in the United States?

In the United States, the term Personal Branding has been used for over twenty years. However, Peter Montoya and William Arruda mainly developed this concept about ten years ago. In North America, self-marketing is highly developed. Companies encourage their managers to develop their image for personal gain - there is no unemployment insurance. But this is also in the interest of businesses, with gains in terms of reputation and positive image.

In France, business culture is different. Showcasing yourself is not necessarily well perceived. Except that nowadays, digital technology, changes in processes and management methods, empower individuals to become responsible for their "employability" throughout their career. All these elements contribute to the development of self-marketing.

Some Personal Branding coaches have existed in France since 2006, but very few also provide support for Social Branding development, i.e. digital personal branding, as does Fadhila Brahimi, co-author of Moi 2.0.

For my training, I attended William Arruda's classes! This American is a kind of Personal Branding guru, he contributed to the development of this phenomenon by making it accessible online to Americans and by creating ReachCC in 2007. That's why I chose him: forerunner and best! Learning from the master! And beyond recognition, training in English gives you access to an international market. Personal Branding training, combined with our expertise in public relations, allows us to ensure the outreach of people we support, whatever their profile.

You are President of the Marseille FCE (Women CEOs) delegation. According to you, are Women Entrepreneurs more aware of personal branding issues?


Personal Branding concerns everyone. Executives and managers are obviously people who first consult a Personal Branding coach, but they are not the only ones.

Anyone who must establish a niche, with different personal stakes and objectives, taking into account their DNA and what makes them unique, needs to develop a personal brand to be clearly visible and stand out: students, alumni, public figures, top-level athletes, job seekers, etc.

Professional equality and the place of women in the economy are current issues that are particularly close to my heart. That's why I became the president of FCE delegation in 2016.

When we consider gender stereotypes, we know that women have not learned to be daring, they do not have the same ego as men, and do not spontaneously see the point of positioning themselves with a thoroughly prepared and orchestrated strategy. Men have been exercising economic responsibilities for decades, they have learned and they know how to manage their public speech and image, without hesitation or second-thought.

That is why it is important to support women, in a process of female "empowerment", to get them to better assert themselves, develop their networks, negotiate their salaries and promotions, obtain key positions, to create companies and start-ups. Men all to often dominate the economy, so achieving gender equality is a priority. Today, there is still a 24% wage gap between men and women!

photo Katia Blanc

Katia Blanc

Associate Director of Mysunnybrand and Spark Public Relations

You have a background in human resources and marketing/com with experience as a consultant and manager in large corporations. How and why did you create Mysunnybrand?

I was fortunate enough throughout my career to work in very different environments, very different worlds, sometimes very small businesses, sometimes large international groups: consultant, manager, executive manager, with a business development role, marketing, communication and also HR. Promoting my projects and the services I provided was my job. But I was also drawn to people. Recruitment consultant, coach for students and graduates of Kedge Business School, sales team manager, I was always convinced that people were the most important resource, this gave meaning to our development and communication initiatives.

Aurore Sun and I were members of the "Centre des Jeunes Dirigeants" (French Association of Young Executives) at the same time; an opportunity for us to work together and share our interests, desires and values. A few years later we were both very active in our region (Elected and associate member of the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry), while Aurore wanted to create Mysunnybrand, I had the desire to create my own company. At the crossroads of HR, marketing and communication, Mysunnybrand was the obvious choice for both of us!

You don't define Mysunnybrand as a digital communications agency, why is that?

We are an outreach consulting agency. This includes digital communications... and much more!

We are a personal and corporate public relations consultancy. We assist people with their offline and online public relations challenges. We provide comparable services to companies and organisations.

At Mysunnybrand, we start with individuals, people. We provide personalised guidance, assistance, support, and training services (implementation of personal public relations strategy, community management, etc.). For companies, we can create corporate social networks, define editorial strategy, write content plans, write and produce content, and manage social networks. Above all, we can train managers and employees to become ambassadors of their company, serving the brand (company or employer) while developing their own Personal Branding.

Ambassador programmes (employee advocacy) are developing more and more: key marketing and HR marketing tools companies, all studies show that employees are effective and trustworthy witnesses. For example, content shared by an employee generates seven times more interactions than content shared by the company.

Setting up employee advocacy is different from community management or simple training in the use of social networks. It is management of change, an approach that cannot be imposed and takes time, precaution, processes, phases, co-construction for the benefit of the company and its employees who themselves improve their Personal Branding thanks to this approach and become highly prominent experts.

In short, this is why we offer a blend of Consulting / Coaching / Marketing HR / Digital / PR services.

Should organisations with few staff members be deprived of the outreach benefits of setting up an ambassador programme?

We work with large groups, but also with SMEs or even very small businesses, which have even more visibility challenges than large groups, whose means of communication are more important. Digital communication is accessible to SMEs. Potential impacts can be very positive, quickly, with the implementation of a well-targeted and well-adapted strategy. Having employees is an asset, even if you have few. If they are involved and trained, they will help their company to become known and recognised.

For example, SMEs that are unknown to the general public have great difficulty recruiting talent. Keep in mind that 95% of candidates inquire about the company before applying. Whatever the size of the company, it is important to work on your employer brand (building employee loyalty, recruiting) as much as your commercial brand (developing sales).

It is up to us to offer a winning combination to our clients, a blend of corporate public relations strategy (press relations, digital strategy), coaching and training of executives in Personal and Social Branding, training of employees in social networks, implementation of ambassador programs... this is our trademark!

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