To be or not to be on social networks… #SocialBranding

Art and use of social networks for Personal Branding…

Let us consider economic players and companies. There are still many obstacles for managers and employees alike. Cultural change is not easy.

However, being visible, communicating, committing yourself, being an ambassador for your company and your brand, this has been the daily routine for a long time, at the very least for executives, top managers and managers, salespeople.

A business lunch where you talk about yourself, your hobbies, where you share common interests with your client or prospect… An event where you meet clients, prospects, partners, conferences that you attend, you then share your opinion on the speakers, the topic addressed, with other participants over a drink, etc.. An organisation belonging to your economic area, or, better still, an organisation you actively commit to, with a mandate…, in short, actions that expose and establish you as a professional, with your personality, as an ambassador for your company, for your brand.

Ambassador, spokesman to promote your products or services, your company… And promote yourself, expose yourself, through your behaviour, positions, actions, standpoints… With a reputation, an image… and a vision that people have of your ecosystem.

It’s offline… The online logic is the same… It’s personal branding, which takes into account all communication channels, including digital tools… That’s “Social Branding”.

The web is an additional communication channel. It has become unavoidable and above all, its effectiveness is tremendous.

Expose yourself on the web… A vast playground where you can be afraid of losing control. But be careful, absence does not change what is said about individuals and companies… On the contrary… To be absent or passive is to leave room for others.

To master your communication, your e-reputation, you have to be an active player.

Are you convinced?

Having a communication that reflects you is most important… Nobody should be forced to talk about their holidays or what they had in a trendy restaurant… Although after understanding why this could make sense… you may or may not decide to do so… You are free to be true to yourself!

How do we do that? All you have to do is understand, learn, and train! A little thought, a little technique… a lot of common sense and pragmatism… Always respect who and what you are!

Mysunnybrand enhances your Personal Branding and Social Branding…

Until we meet to talk about it, have a sunny day!