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Aurore Mysunnybrand

Aurore Sun

Associate Director



President of the Marseille delegation network of Women CEOs

Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry elected member

“Global outreach and digital” Missions

Associate director of the MYSUNNYBRAND outreach agency and founder of Spark Public Relations, Aurore Sun sees the spark in leaders and implements strategies to make them stand out. To create and tell the beautiful stories of people or companies by highlighting them so that their target audiences adhere to their messages, that is his job. And besides, she does it with passion.

An expert in communication with nearly 20 years of experience in France and abroad, Aurore Sun advises companies and executives in Personal Branding, digital strategy (employee advocacy, social selling, ambassador programmes) and public relations*.


A networks woman, she is the president of the Marseille delegation of the Women CEOs network (FCE - 500,000 women entrepreneurs worldwide). She is also an elected member of the Marseille-Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIMP), where she is in charge of international outreach and digital technology.

Personal Branding Strategist, Aurore followed the American training in Personal Branding created by the guru of the trade William Arruda "Reach Your Personal Branding" offered by the Executives Think Tank “Career Thought Leaders”. With a Master's in International Business and Finance, she also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Management from the United Kingdom. Her thirst for international culture led her to live for two years in England and eight years in Canada. She regularly operates in Morocco pending the creation of a new agency.

Public relations (but also public;)

Katia Mysunnybrand

Katia Blanc

Associate Director


Spark Public Relations

Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry associate member

"Business and Innovation" and "Proximité Territorial Proximity" missions

Katia Blanc is the associate director of Mysunnybrand and Spark Public Relations. She has more than 20 years of experience in HR, marketing & communication and management.

Katia Blanc started her career in a Parisian consulting firm, after, she became an HR consultant in an international head-hunting firm (Hudson Global Resources). She then joined the Kedge Business School team for five years as Head of Recruitment Relations and then spent eight years on the management committee of a regional group in the environmental field as Director of Development and External Relations.


A woman of communication and commitment, today an entrepreneur, she is an associate member of the Marseille Provence Chamber of Commerce and Industry where she is involved in Business and Innovation missions. In particular, she represents the CCIMP on the Board of Directors of the IRCE (regional institute for the creation and development of businesses).


Promoting individuals and companies, promoting the region... Katia has made a strong commitment, notably by sitting on several boards of directors of local economic entities and centres of activity where she lobbies to develop corporate good practices in economic development, CSR and professional equality.

She also co-founded the FARES (Femmes Actives Responsables et Solidaires- Working Women's Responsibility and Solidarity) network in 2009, of which she was vice-president for 3 years. She still strives today to promote equality between individuals, for the benefit of both women and men.

Jazz & Soul singer, she has shared her passion with her musicians and her band, Blue Alert, for the last 10 years.

Katia Blanc holds a Master's degree in Management, majoring in Marketing, from Kedge Business School.

photo Anouk Rizzo mysunnybrand

Anouk Rizzo

Projects and Communication Manager

Projects and Communication Manager at Mysunnybrand and Spark Public Relations, Anouk Rizzo likes to find the little things that make everyone special, to bring out winning strategies in digital and public relations. As a result, she writes beautiful stories of humanism, in the economic and institutional universe, taken up by the media and also broadcasted on the web.

With a Master's degree in Corporate and Global Communication and Media Studies, Anouk gained experience in press relations and communication, print communication and events. She really enjoys interacting with clients and stakeholders and specialises in many areas, her favourites being: press, blogs and social networks. Her goal: to find the spark that makes the difference, to harness that spark and bring it into the light of media.


During her career, Anouk saw press relations evolve with the rise of the Internet. She is interested in this phenomenon and wrote her final thesis on "the metamorphosis of press relations in the age of digital and social networks". As a fan of these digital transformations, she quickly integrated them into her strategies to reach both journalists and target audiences.

Network-savy and curious about her ecosystem, Anouk knows the economic fabric and its influencers well. She loves travelling to a different part of the world every year to discover new cultures and gain inspiration for the stories she writes for her clients.

photo portrait Pierre Somson

Pierre Somson

Communication & digital marketing assistant.

Pierre Somson is the team's communication & digital marketing assistant.

With a degree in Marketing and Communication, Pierre lets his creativity guide him to find THE solution best suited to each situation. As a Generation Y echo boomer, digital technology is an inherent part of its world. Constantly connected to digital tools, he "watches" the digital environment to uncover innovations that stand out!

Whether as a student or a professional, Pierre Somson always makes sure he succeeds in what he undertakes. Thoroughness and professionalism are two fundamental values for him, it is better that a job is done well than done quickly.

After obtaining a college diploma in Communication, he passed a Bachelor’s degree in New Information Technology and Communication Management (M@NTIC) in Marseille. He also developed his professional skills during internships in communication agencies.

A sports enthusiast (football, tennis, basketball...), he has a great competitive spirit and loves challenges. Whether in sport or at work, the most important thing for him is to achieve his goals, but above all it is to see his team succeed, because the team is as important as the individual.

Fanny Bonometti

Fanny Bonometti

Public Relations Project Manager

As a Project Manager, Fanny Bonometti has always enjoyed taking on challenges. She is very innovative and enjoys her various and diverse assignments. Whether in events, marketing, communication strategy, crisis communication or image management, Fanny has been able over the years to adapt to the demands and evolution of new technologies.

After having obtained her Degree in Communication in 2014, Fanny wanted to move very quickly into management and development of public events and conventions. Since 2014, Fanny has developed her network and skills in the field of events and partnerships.

Finding rare places, always in search of novelty, she draws her ideas through her many travels and her multiple interactions with the world around her. Always enthusiastic about new projects, Fanny is a volunteer new projects manager with the non-profit organisation Secours Populaire(French Popular Relief).

Team experts

Pete Mysunnybrand

Pete Stone

CSR Expert

With both French and British backgrounds, Pete Stone spent 15 years in education, in particular as an associate professor at Neoma Business School where he taught Ethics and Intercultural Management courses and coordinated programmes for international students. He continued his career in HR Consulting as Director of Marketing & Operations for Hudson. He implemented Hudson's diversity policy and thus participated in the creation of the association "À Compétence Égale". In early 2009, he created Just Different, a consulting and training company in diversity, inclusion and diversity. Pete is co-author of the Equal Skills guides "How to recruit without discrimination" (Comment recruter sans discriminer), "Recruitment and sexual orientation" (Recrutement et orientation sexuelle), "People with disabilities: recruiting without discrimination" (Personnes handicapées : recruter sans discriminer) and the White Paper "Answers on Measuring Discrimination and Diversity" (Mesurer la Discrimination et la Diversité. Eléments de Réponse) published by Rouen Business School and AFMD. He is also the author of 3 chapters (on quotas, positive discrimination and the link between diversity and performance) in "L'Encyclopédie des diversités" edited by Jean-Marie Peretti. He is a member of the Board of Directors of AFIP and Konstelacio.

Solène Mysunnybrand

Solène Penhoat

Expert journalist and editor

Solène has always loved words and bringing them to life. Even as a child, becoming a journalist seemed obvious. After a joint degree at Sciences Po Rennes (Institute of Political Studies) and at the Centre de formation des journalistes de Paris (Journalism Training Centre), she developed a passion for television, radio, Internet, written press... Every day is a new adventure: from commenting rugby matches to covering Ministers cabinet meeting. Over the years, Solène has become an expert in the fields of sustainable development and health. For seven years, she has decided to help companies and communities, to promote them and make their efforts known. She's the agency's editor.

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