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1 - Personal and social branding

We support your managers and/or executives in their personal and social branding, so that they are more visible and thus participate in the outreach of your corporate brand.

Because corporate and employer brand management also involves managing the personal brand of its employees!

Executives and managers are the spokespeople of the company/organisation, of its brand, and its outreach...

We support your first ambassadors in self-marketing and digital self-marketing, to establish or strengthen their positioning, their leadership and their visibility.

 Also, we deliver public speech training, media training, video biography creation, portrait photography, etc.

personal branding
What are personal branding and social branding?

For anyone, highlighting their assets and their skills is obvious. Becoming aware of your talents, knowing how to talk about yourself, enhancing your visibility will allow you to stand out and get noticed.

Self-marketing relies on traditional marketing tools to develop your personal brand.

Mysunnybrand offers coaching and training to develop your reputation allowing you to speak about yourself.

Mysunnybrand offers you support in positioning, public speech and/or online communication.

Whether you are an executive, manager, employee, student, top-level athlete, public figure... we can help you to:

  • Position yourself in your environment, talk about yourself & get people to talk about you
  • Reveal your personality, your added value and what makes you stand out
  • Reveal your personality, your added value and what makes you stand out
  • Implement your global, public and digital* communication strategy!
  • Take control of your outreach and e-outreach.

We take care of your personal branding and social branding.

2 - Digital Outreach

Digital transformation has a strong impact on brand management issues for companies and organisations in general.

Mysunnybrand assists you in expanding your digital outreach!

  • Digital practices and tools diagnosis – Benchmarking
  • Development of corporate digital editorial strategies (research, analysis and drafting of editorial charter)
  • Creation of corporate social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.)
  • Account profile development
  • Content planning (templates with examples)
réseaux sociaux
  • Management of corporate social networks
  • Group employee training events in social networking: teaching, employee consistency (personal image, professional image), harmonising profiles and content
  • Discovering the basics, being on social networks; what for?
  • Creating/enhancing personal accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Creating and optimising profiles
  • Expanding your community
  • Taking ownership of company digital strategy
  • Maximising engagement
  • Creating relevant posts, exploiting business content
  • Bringing your personal digital brand to life in a professional context
  • Which strategy for which goal?
formation des collaborateurs aux réseaux sociaux

Depending on each employee's personal brand: social networking training provides the tools and methods for writing personal summaries. We can also write them for you.



We will have taught you to be autonomous, to look for relevant information and content. But we can set up a "curation" and content distribution tool on your corporate social networks: sourcing and mapping information and content according to your challenges and objectives, technical adaptation, training and use.

Implementation of a "curation" and automatic distribution tool for content on your social networks:

  • Sourcing and mapping
  • Technical adaptation
outil de curation sur les réseaux sociaux

3 - Ambassador programmes

Companies, SMEs & large groups, associations & federations, collective projects,


photo employee advocacy

For a company, having a good reputation, creating a positive image, is essential.

Working on its "Corporate Brand", i.e. its perception among customers and prospects, consumers or future consumers, helps to build loyalty and boost sales.

Working on your "Employer Brand", i.e. your perception among potential candidates and employees, helps you to recruit and retain talent.

Employees and stakeholders in organisations are the best ambassadors for your brand.

We assist you in setting up a tailored "Ambassador Program":
  • Identification of leaders: executives, managers and employees at all levels and all departments (on a voluntary basis)
  • Co-development of rules and objectives with leaders, collaborative workshops and collective intelligence
  • Defining framework, sharing of issues and development of company digital communication standards - definition and choice of indicators
  • Leadership training (10 people max. per group): "I know myself, I train myself, I gain recognition"
  • Implementation of ambassador programmes with the leaders: test period, experimentation
  • Experience feedback workshop: exchange, adjust, measure

Employee advocacy generates 14 times more brand visibility, 5 times more website traffic, 25% more leads (prospects), + 560% more reading of publications (Reach), 7 to 8 times more commitment.

Why leaders? To guarantee communication authenticity and capitalise on the audience and on individual knowledge.

4 - Corporate Public Relations

With our Spark Public Relations agency, we assist companies and organisations in Public Relations and Press Relations:

  • Developing Public Relations and Influence Action Plans
  • Recommendation of actions to be taken, monthly follow-ups, Action Plan updating
  • Preparation of key messages and arguments based on targets and concerns
  • Development of corporate press relations strategy
  • Creation of PR tools (press release and press kit) and assessment tools based on elements provided by the client
  • Organisation of press lunches with journalists
  • Organisation of press conferences with journalists

Mysunnybrand is authorised to deliver the American “Reach Your Personal Branding” training courses, created by the professional «guru» William Arruda and offered by the executives think tank Career Thought Leaders.

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